Iuliastration „One phase after the other”

by Silvia Pentiuc

I met Iulia Bochiș as a teacher, just before she left for Thailand and what I remember most fondly is the way she managed to light an entire room. Her energy and enthusiasm are still inexplicable to me, and the fact that I have the opportunity to talk about her cheers me up and delights me at the same time. But the idea itself is different, it’s about inspiration and confidence, about taking care of yourself, because that’s what she was able to instill in me and in thousands of other people with Iuliastration project.

About Iulia and her inner world

What is the story behind your illustrations?

I often mention when I share an artwork in the online space that everything I draw is a reflection of my inner world. I started drawing while I was on a year-long solo trip throughout Asia, teaching in a small village in Thailand and travelling around the continent. Throughout that year I had plenty of time for self-reflection and I felt like there were things I wanted to say, to put out into the world, but I wasn’t sure how. Illustration turned out to be the answer I was looking for. This answer which came to me when I started a visual diary of my travels, a diary in which I was illustrating my experiences and daily life instead of just writing it down. My initial Instagram bio was “illustrating feelings”, and this is still how I like to describe my work.

What is the meaning behind your colour palette?

When I first started picking out my colour palette for digital art, I was quite lost. After experimenting with various combinations, I just realised I am naturally drawn to warm, earthy tones. Now when I think of it, these colours help me convey this feeling of warmth, safety and tranquility which usually surfaces from my artworks.

Is the Iulia before the iuliastration project different from the Iulia of today? In what way?

Interesting question. This is slightly difficult to say considering it has been just under a year since I started the iuliastration project. Sharing my artwork online and seeing so many people responding to it has definitely made me more confident, but there is more than that. I believe I am more open to sharing and receiving, I have met so many wonderful people through this platform, people who inspire me, empower me, and simply make me happy. By interacting with this wonderful online community I also learned that following your passion is truly possible, as long as you are dedicated and willing to go through ups and downs to achieve your end goal. Overall, I still feel like this is just the beginning and I am looking forward to answering this question again in 5 years :)

Your Instagram grew organically and fast. Why do you think this is?

This is a question I get very often, and unfortunately I don’t have a set answer for it. I believe social media can offer creators endless potential for growth, as long as they are motivated and stay consistent with their work. From a practical point of view: I made sure to post regularly, interact with my community, connect with other creators and just stay engaged. Other than that, I think my growth is also the result of the nature of my work in general. Most people reach out to me and tell me they relate to my drawings, be it Monday coffee illustrations or images based on our connection with the cosmos. So I do believe making your work personal and unique can highly increase your chances of achieving organic growth.

What impact did your drawings have on your community in the time since you launched your Instagram?

I get messages everyday from people telling me my work brings them happiness, or that it gives them hope, makes them dream, or motivates them. Reading such messages often still feels like a dream to me, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to interact with such wonderful people. I see people from all over the world hanging up my work in their homes, making it part of their life. I also work with companies on creating custom designs for yoga mats, clothing, social media content and so on. Overall, I feel like my work has made it so far and wide throughout the world and I find that incredible.

What are your future plans with iuliastration?

I truly feel I am just getting started. I want to expand iuliastration into more than just artwork, but I can’t say more than that for now. I am definitely looking forward to 2021.

By the way

Iulia also has a cute little website where you can order all kinds of goodies with her illustrations, such as calendars, mugs or prints, hot of the press, with word wide delivery.

In the mean time, you can check more of her work down below. Chapeau!

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the words you speak become the house you live in 🏡 so let’s make it a cozy one, filled with light and plants (the source of this quote is unclear, it’s attributed to several people) 🏚 it’s now the end of October and you may remember that in the beginning of the month i talked a bit about starting a small journey of accountabiliy, i made a promise that for 30 days i will focus on owning up to my actions (no more blaming on external circumstances). Well, I did it! And the way to do it for me was through journalling. That being said, I documented my feelings and experiences every single day, wrote them down and reflected upon them. I know people talk about that “one single transformative habit”, and may the cliché gods forgive me, but this was it for me. This month I was the most productive I’ve been lately, I exercised 4 times a week, did yoga for 5-6, went on regular walks and maintained a steady, positive mood as much as I could. This doesn’t mean I didn’t make space to feel my feelings, there has been a lot of that as well, a lot of crying sometimes, confusion, just a mix of things, but I felt at home with it all. I am my own home. Do you have a habit which keeps you afloat? . . . . . . #iuliastration #illustration #procreate #digitalart #procreateillustration #procreateart #ipadart #illustratorsoninstagram #illustagram #illustrationoftheday #womenofillustration #quoteoftheday #instaquote #affirmations #positiveaffirmations #dailyreminder #notetoself #mindfulness #meditation #mantra #selfcare #selflove

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